FIC‽ — is this the Federal ICAC Aussies want? (No, not yet…)

Federal Integrity Commission, is this the Federal ICAC Aussies want? (No, not yet…)

Wow the lunchtime news is full of good and surprising things today - our outgoing (well based on the polls 😂) Prime Minister has bowed to community, backbench and opposition pressure and announced a new “Federal Integrity Commission, let hope it’s something close to the Federal ICAC we all want.

The Guardian (Twitter) also has an article called “Morrison government announces new federal anti-corruption commission” about this last minute announcement by #ScoMo.

It’s interesting to note the difference in the two articles starting with the headlines:

ABC News: > Scott Morrison announces anti-corruption commission, buckling to crossbench pressure

The Guardian Australia: > Morrison government announces new federal anti-corruption commission

The ABC headlines seems to be throwing shade…

Each article starts out with a different approach too, the ABC digs in on the “backflip” angle:

Labor, the Greens and minor parties have long campaigned for a corruption watchdog, arguing current systems are woefully inadequate.

Whereas The Guardian get’s straight to the heart of the problems with it:

But the Coalition’s proposed integrity commission will operate outside of public view, with the investigative body to make no public findings, hold no public hearings, and refer any recommendations directly to prosecutors, who will make the ultimate decision on whether or not to go forward with a case.

Both articles are worth a read, for details of where the Coalition copied their proposal from or even if it’s just to see the differing editorial approaches by the ABC and The Guardian.

As for us Aussies… let’s hope we end up with something better than currently outlined by #ScoMo.