So I don’t want to project on @Apple but this new Mac Pro better have dual processor platform support (Intel & AARM) and let Xcode run 16 parallel sets of tests… because this is killing me… 😩

One of my favourite things about #Siri of late is being able to get the latest news headlines played back to me just by asking 😃


I’m keeping this screenshot of @tim_cook’s Twitter profile forever… I wonder how big a poster I can make out of it 😂

The line at the end of the 2nd Hellboy trailer

”We do, but it’s not going to work you know, because, I’m a Capricorn and you’re NUTS!”

Is something I may have said back in the ‘80’s to what these days would be called a stalker… (an otherwise beautiful person)

It makes my fingers twitch when I read long lines (300+ chars) of Swift that ignore all of the common break and indentation standards… 🥴

That little purple box in Xcodes view debugger is actually very handy for quickly finding that one layout issue in a very deep hierarchy…