I love these birds, I’ve grown up with them all over Australia… the Sulphur-crested cockatoo is not only smart, in good environments they pretty friendly.

This guy was having a chat with me on the #MorningWalk 😃  (#shotoniPhone #iPhoneXSMax)

Saturday morning and you finally get to complete the annual @StackOverflow Developer Survey and it asks what “Social Network” you use the most…  naturally I said micro.blog


I really wish Xcode would remember which devices I’ve set to be ignored between launches… or even better let me have different sets of devices enabled (e.g. home, onsite, office etc)

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’re staying well hydrated today… it’s going to be another scorcher 😃💦

Don’t ask me how* but I’ve missed three stands today work at my standing desk… 😞 #fml

*because I don’t know

I’m busy enough already… but can I resist Canopy from @mxcl? It looks very interesting… sigh… dammit I seem to failed in resisting it…

Important brew commands… let f = formulae

brew cat f to check the source of a formula before installing #infosec

brew pin formulae: prevent the formula being upgraded until you unpin it.

brew upgrade: upgrades all unpinned formulae with their existing install options

Oh wow… “Antmusic” takes me back down memory lane… first saw Adam Ant with a cousin, in a pub, in the UK before they hit the larger music scene. (Technically wasn’t old enough at 17 + like a week… but hey it was worth it!)

“_asking for a friend_” always makes me smile… I consider myself to be a friend to myself… 🤔 so I guess I’m hoping that those using it like themselves ☺️

I think every language I’ve ever worked with from Basic, Pascal, C (and it’s relatives), and Swift, to web languages like PHP, Ruby, Pearl and Javascript 🥴 have found a way to say “undefined variable” to me, when really it’s been “misspelt variable name”… 🙃